Rob Heanley headshotRob Heanley is a professional actor, currently starring as Giles in The Mousetrap in London’s West End. He trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has appeared on television in prime-time dramas for Sky, BBC and ITV, as well as working in theatre in the UK and abroad.

Rob is also a keen artist, working in several mediums but particularly favouring graphite pencil. His work is inspired by his fascination and passion for the natural wonders of, and on, our planet. “I work only on those subjects that excite me and fire my interest, my pieces aim to dissolve any separation, or perceived separation, between art, science and nature, and to look closer and longer at the wondrous and the complex, to remember and treasure those numinous glimpses of natural galleries on ‘the pale blue dot….the only home we’ve ever known’.

Rob has exhibited at Bourne Hall, Ewell and will be exhibiting at other galleries in and around London. Keep an eye on the news and events page for details.